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Mobile Health Unit website (under construction)




  • Mission Statement
    The Mobile Health Unit
    forms a platform for all stakeholders involved in mobile health activities.  With a strong focus on scientific research we are dedicated to provide positive evidence for wireless health care and we will support the implementation of innovative communication and technology solutions in the health care setting. Innovative health care paths like Telehealth and Telemonitoring make it possible to provide health care at home, and to continuously monitor some physiological parameters of the patient. The power to reduce the incidence of medical complications and to improve self-management of chronic diseases will result in a cost-efficient care system.

    The Mobile Health Unit is a joint initiative between the University of Hasselt (faculty of Medicine and Life Sciences) and two Belgian hospitals: ‘Jessa ziekenhuis’ located in Hasselt and ‘Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg’ located in Genk. As a multidisciplinary research team with expertise in domains such as medicine, IT, statistics, health economics and law, we aim to underexpose mobile health from different angles on the basis of applied scientific research. The research unit is headed by prof. dr. Pieter Vandervoort and prof. dr. Paul Dendale, both experts in the field of cardiology, rehabilitation and the monitoring of patients with heart failure or hypertension and prof. dr. Piet Stinissen the dean of the faculty of Medicine and Life Sciences.

    The Mobile Health Unit wants to contribute in defining guidelines for good practice and deployment of telemedicine services in the health care setting. We aim to be a point of contact for all stakeholders in mobile health, like health care providers, other universities and research institutions, industry, federal and state government entities and health insurance companies.

Through our services we aim to scientifically support and thus facilitate the digital innovation in today's health care sector. In this way we strive for an efficient and cost-effective care organization, while maintaining the quality of care in response to the future care gap.



  • People 
    • Directors
      prof. dr. Piet Stinissen (UHasselt)
      prof. dr. Pieter Vandervoort (Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg, UHasselt)
      prof. dr. Paul Dendale (Jessa Ziekenhuis, UHasselt)
      prof. dr. Hein Heidbuchel (Jessa Ziekenhuis, UHasselt)
      prof. dr. Lars Grieten (Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg, UHasselt)


    • Research assistants
      dr. ir. Valerie Storms (UHasselt)
      dr. Helene Piccard (UHasselt)
      dr. ir. Katherine Nelissen (Life Tech Limburg, UHasselt)
      dr. Nele Geusens (Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg)
      Dorien Lanssens (phd student)
      Ines Frederix (phd student)
      Christophe Smeets (phd student)
      Thijs Vandenberk (phd student)
      Hélène De Cannière (Scientific coworker )


  • Contact
    Valerie Storms
    Project coordinator Mobile Health Unit

    Hasselt University
    Campus Diepenbeek
    Agoralaan, Building D
    B-3590 Diepenbeek

    Tel.: +32 (0) 11 26 85 33
    email: mailto:valerie.storms@uhasselt.be