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Faculteit Revalidatiewetenschappen

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Lecture Prof. Dr. Christoph Gutenbrunner


21 jan 2019 18.00 uur - 21.00 uur

Universiteit Hasselt

campus Diepenbeek

Agoralaan Gebouw D

3590 Diepenbeek

Lokaal Auditorium H6

Prof. Gutenbrunner, MD, PhD, is an internationally recognized specialist in physical and rehabilitation medicine. He is active in the leading European and international professional organizations of rehabilitation medicine. Till recently, he was chair of a committee the international society for physical rehabilitation and medicine, that executed research and activities in agreement with the World Health Organisation (WHO). Since this year, he is member of the newly founded Global Rehabilitation Alliance. Professor Gutenbrunner has published more than 200 scientific papers and textbook articles. He is editor of five textbooks and of the White Book for Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine in Europe.


This lecture will be held in English. Please register (for free) here.