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The vision of REVAL pertains to the execution of innovative, person centred, interdisciplinary and technology supported scientific research with regard to detection, prevention, and rehabilitation for the optimisation of functioning of individuals throughout the lifespan. We aim to optimally contribute to individuals’ health and wellbeing by addressing physical, emotional and social factors that are relevant in today’s society. To optimally achieve this goal, we strive to engage in collaborations with local, national and international institutes. Hereby, we value an open and dynamic mind-set allowing personal growth and stimulating collaborations between individuals and disciplines.


At REVAL, innovative and high quality technology-supported and person-centred research is executed to overcome current societal challenges that may impair the functioning of individuals. This research covers a wide spectrum of rehabilitation-related aspects, including research topics related to neurological, musculoskeletal, internal, pediatric and geriatric rehabilitation, biomechanics and health psychology. In addition, it focuses on health economic aspects and valorisation. Using a multi- and interdisciplinary approach, REVAL research combines complementary expertise from the fields of movement sciences, medicine, psychological sciences, biomedical sciences, biology, engineering sciences and computer sciences and is performed in close collaboration with regional, national and international partners. REVAL research projects hereby span the entire spectrum of fundamental research to applied research. All REVAL research has a clear link with clinical applications and is aimed at leading to personalised high-quality, safe, effective and evidence-based rehabilitation interventions with maximal benefits on individuals’ health and functioning. As such, REVAL research highly contributes to knowledge development in the field of rehabilitation, to the development of a more healthy society and to individuals’ wellbeing throughout the lifespan.