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Functional Coatings 2018

Functional Coatings 2018

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The summer school is a combination of masterclasses (September 24), a mini-conference (September 25-26) and hands-on sessions (September 27). 

Master classes


Masterclass 1: Large area printed electronics, coating and drying techniques for a broad range of substrates

dr. Klaus Peter Crone
Masterclass 2: Surface preparation, characterization and thin film deposition technology (with an IC twist) Prof. Stefaan De Gendt (IMEC/KULeuven) 
12.00u-13.30u Lunch  
13:30u-15:30u Masterclass 3: Ink Formulation - from solution to a printable ink Prof. Klaarte De Buysser (UGent) 

Masterclass 4: Hydrophobic/hydrophilic substrate preparation

Prof. Werner Steffen (MPI Mainz)
15:30-16:00 Coffee break  

DAAD-project Functional Coatings


The Research Network Meeting Point Functional Layers - Concept and Results

NanoMOF coatings for heat transfer and catalysis

Prof. Wim Deferme (UHasselt)

Prof. Hildegard Möbius (UAS Kaiserslautern)

Prof. Christoph Janiak (Universität Düsseldorf)





Confirmed speakers

  • Peter Visser (AKZO Nobel / TUDelft): Chromate-free active protective coatings for the protection of aluminium alloys
  • Dr. Yaiza Gonzalez-Garcia (TUDelft): Micro-electrochemical evaluation of self-healing coatings for corrosion protection
  • Prof. Tom Haufman (VUB): Bonding and failure at hybrid interfaces
  • Hugo de Haan (Innophysics): Versatile maskless surface functionalization by microplasma
  • Dr. Darja Pecko (VUB): Prediction of coating lifetime - modelling vs. accelerated tests
  • Prof. Naveen Reddy (UHasselt): Orientation of shape anisotropic particles for functional coatings
  • Dr. David Seveno (KULeuven): How fast one can coat a surface?
  • Prof. Guy van Assche (VUB): Fabrication and characterization of self-healing polymer coatings

Hands-on labs

Lab UHasselt 1: ink formulation (conductive ink)
Lab UHasselt 2: Coating technology (bar coating and spray coating)
Lab KULeuven: Optical coatings
Lab VUB: Characterization of coatings, defects and corrosion protection in action

The final program is available here.