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15 years ago, Astel Medica developed and started the marketing of Probiotical, a product completely innovative for this time. In the area of the product containing living bacteria, Probiotical is still today the leader of the Belgian Market. 

Astel Medica displays its own production line for the majority of its product and among them Probiotical/Probiotical D. So, we have the required capacity within our company to produce and supply the products required for this European project. 

If our product is selected for further steps of clinical development,  we also could provide an interesting support to establish the clinical study as we have performed clinical study with our product in the past. 

To make the difference with the numerous competitors present on the market Astel Medica works with an evidence based medicine approach. Every product has been developed according to the data published in the scientific literature. Each of the probiotic strains was selected regarding its specific properties. The knowledge of these properties is fundamental for the study of the mechanisms of action and the clinical effect of the final product 

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