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Healthy Aging - An Euregional opportunity

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MUMC+ ranking #45 of best (pre)clinical health centers worldwide (THE), is the number one employee in Dutch Limburg. It is a strategic merger of the University Maastricht (UM) and Maastricht academic hospital (azM) with the ambition to integrate health care, education and translational research. It is renown for the high quality of cardiovascular research and offers all state of the art facilities, cohorts and knowhow required for accomplishment of the Healthy Ageing program. In addition, it presents a guided track for translation of preclinical findings into clinical practice. Embedded in MUMC+, the Cardiovascular Research Institute CARIM is globally recognized for its expert knowledge and knowhow in cardiovascular research. Its particular strength is in the translation and valorization of basic findings regarding therapy and diagnosis of a range of cardiovascular disorders including heart infarct, stroke and heart failure. The two participants, Pathology and Physiology, will deploy their complementary infrastructure and expertise on human heart diseases and its diagnosis as well as on a humanized heart-on-a-chip test platform to not only identify middle aged subjects with a high risk of suffering a cardiovascular event in the near future, but also to screen new nutraceuticals and drugs to treat these patients. 

MUMC applicants (and in extremis the MUMC as a whole) are frequent partner in and has broad experience with multicenter cofinancing programs, at national (MKMD, CTMM Circulating Cells, Parisk, Queens of Heart, Molecular Cardiology program) and European level, including Interreg previous programs (VARIA, BioMIMedics, PACTII).