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Healthy Aging - An Euregional opportunity

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Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (IBMB) at UKA contributes with two innovative and original molecular technology platforms to the project, namely receptor fusion proteins (RFPs) for the inhibition of cytokines and a SNAP-tag based strategy.

Cytokines are hormone-like substances that regulate the activity of the immune system. Chronic inflammatory diseases and immune ageing are mainly a result of deregulation of the cytokine network. IBMB at UKA has years of experience in the development of RFPs. Within this project new RFPs will be developed to develop new therapeutic avenues for the treatment of inflammatory diseases and redirection of immune ageing.

For the discovery and detection of biomarkers a technological platform will be offered and developed whitin this project. This technique has a very highspecificity and sensitivity.

The administration of the UKA has broad experience in handling and processing of Interreg projects as well as other cofinanced projects funded by EFRO.

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