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DNAmito is a spin-off company of Maastro clinic and MUMC+. DNAmito is on the mission to personalize cancer treatment planning based on genomics. The expertise combines different disciplines in multifactorial decision support systems, risk prediction, DNA sequencing analysis, data modelling,software programming… All together, DNAmito is the service company for patient stratification in imprecision medicine. The stratification is mainly based on mitochondrial biomarker signatures and our multifactorial decision support tool. 

These signatures and further studies have shown preliminary results towards COPD. Participation in this consortium will expand our company portfolio towards cardiovascular and chronic diseases. By using mitochondrial and nuclear DNA signatures, the risk of developing these diseases can be predicted

DNAmito has experience with a Marie Curie training network and a SME phase 2 grant. Furthermore the researchers on the company bring in several years of experience of co-financing and EU grants, prior to joining this company.

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