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students help

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What you need to know?

  • When registered in Hasselt university a digital academic file is created for every student.
  • Administrative services in the university will gradually add information.
  • Entries are personalized!
  • Use you userid and password to access your academic (student) file.

Access to my academic file

  • Education > study info
  • of via Intranet

My Personal data

  • Check whether your personal data is correct.
  • You can apply for a change of your personal data. The student office will treat your application. 
  • Some date can not be changed by the student. Use the form "Apply for a change".


  • The programme(s) for which you are enrolled.
  • Possibly the results of previous academic years.
  • The group to which you belong.

Individual programme

  • Overview of the courses for which you are enrolled.
  • If a Blackboard course is available for a course a small Blackboard icon will indicate so.

Study contract

  • Students have to check his/her study contract carefully. Print it, sign it, print it and hand it in at the education office.


Forms student services

  • A number of forms are available here. If you want to make use of them, print them, fill in your personal data and turn to the relevant authority.

Roster exams

  • Find your personal roster for exams here.


  • When having visited a intranet application don't ever forget to logoff!