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Portables can connect wireless or via cable (connection points via UTP cable) :

Wireless (Wifi)

  • General
    • Besides physical UTP connection points, UHasselt campuses provide wireless networks. 
    • The AccessPoints (AP's) on campus broadcast 4 SSID's (networknames) from which 2 can be used by students:
    • Students and guests should make use of UHasselt-Student.
    • Logon is required. A valid username and password is mandatory. A temporary login can be provided to guests.
  • Installation
    • For UHasselt-student no special settings are required. The wireless network card on your portable/PDA/Mobile Phone should detect UHasselt-Student.  Connect to this SSID.
    • Open a webbrowser on your system (without a configured proxy servers!). The loginportal (see picture below) will be presented. Fill in your credentials.



Connection points

  • When using a connection via cable, the login portal shown in the picture below will be presented when opening a browser.