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What you should know!

  • Multiple multi-functional printers/copiers/scanners (MFP) are available on both campuses. EveryonePrint is used to print on MFP's.
  • UHasselt uses a an open payment system called PingPing. This service is integrated into the student- and personnel cards. PingPing can be used for payments:
    • at the restaurant (you will get a reduction if payments are made with this card);
    • for printing, copies and scans;
    • vending machines. 

How to print on an MFP from your own portable

  • The system/procedure that is being used for this purpose is called "EveryonePrint".

How to print from a PC in a PC-room

  • A PC in a PC-room is equipped to print on a MFP.
  • A print sent from a particular PC can be printed a MFP of your choice.


Color printing and large volumes

  • Turn to the bookstore on campus Diepenbeek for color printing and large volumes.
  • For more information on this service turn to the website of  REPRO.

Printing facilities

'EveryonePrint' offers the facility to send a print from anywhere and collect this print from a MFP of your choice.

URL http://everyoneprint.uhasselt.be


Situation 1: print PDF documents

Supported formats for directly via "Upload Document to Print": Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, PDF, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF, BMP. For other formats choose Print Driver.


The same screen allows you to track and follow your prints.


Situation 2: Print directly from an application


A suitable print driver can be installed via 'Driver Print'. This will allow you to print, control and manage directly from an application.

An install procedure is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Follow the indicated procedure carefully.



At a certain moment in this driver installation procedure, a personal URL (see the URL in green rectangle box in the screenshot below) appears. Copy and paste this URL and fill it in the indicated position.


After installation, the driver will be available in every application of your operating system (Windows / Linux / Mac):

Example from Word in Windows:

  Use the correct printersettings (like recto-verso, format, staple, ....) via "properties". These settings can not be changed on the MFP anymore.  
  As far as payment is concerned see Pinging.  
1. Select the printer "UHSTD-FollowMe on uh-print.uhasselt.be" in the application:

2. Use the correct printersettings (like recto-verso, format, staple, ....) via "properties". These settings can not be changed on the MFP anymore..

3. Turn to a MFP of your choice. Put your student card on the Touch-id and follow the instructions on the display:
As far as payment is concerned see Pinging.