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For Hasselt University, it is a goal to guarantee its personnel a healthy work-life balance. This is achieved by the staff benefits mentioned below.

Working hours
The UHasselt personnel works by flexible working hours. In this way, time is accumulated in busy periods and leave can be taken to compensate for this at another point in time. Furthermore, these flexible working hours contribute to a better work-life balance.

Working part-time
Hasselt University gives its personnel the opportunity to work part-time. Please contact the HR Department for more information.

Leave arrangements
UHasselt personnel are entitled to 35 days annual leave, 14 holidays and collective closure between Christmas and New Year.

Children day care
For parents, it is often difficult to find day care for their children during the school holidays. Therefore, Hasselt University offers children day care at a moderate rate during Easter holiday (one week) and during Summer holiday (4 weeks) for children from 2,5 to 12 years of age.

Ironing service

Being a family-friendly institution, Hasselt University wants to respond to the need for domestic help with its staff by providing an ironing service, both at campus Diepenbeek and campus Hasselt. 

Discount on meals
UHasselt personnel and students receive a 33% discount on meals in the university restaurant when paying with Ping Ping.

Hasselt University sympathizes with its personnel at important family and career events. UHasselt personnel receive a present on the occasion of the birth of their child, wedding, career anniversary and retirement.

Hasselt University stimulates sustainable transport by encouraging its personnel in different ways to leave their car at home.

Commuting bikes
Hasselt University disposes of 60 commuting bicycles which are distributed among its staff members.

Bicycle allowance
Staff members are entitled to a bicycle commuting allowance of 24 eurocent per kilometer for actual worked days on which the bicycle was used to commute.

Reimbursement public transport
Personnel who travel to work by train or bus, get their season tickets fully reimbursed.

Business cars and electric bicycles
The university disposes of a number of business cars and 4 electric bikes which can be used for official assignments.

Comprehensive insurance
When UHasselt personnel uses its own car for business trips, they will automatically have the comprehensive insurance of the university.

At Hasselt University, we are convinced that pleasant spent spare time attributes to a successful working life. That is why UHasselt personnel can enjoy following advantages to spend their spare time.

All UHasselt personnel is automatically member of the Bibliotheek Hasselt Limburg.

Teacher’s card
Teaching personnel are entitled to a teacher’s card with accompanying benefits.

All personnel is automatically member of the university’s staff association VLUP. They regularly organize activities, such as feast of St Nicholas, a winter sports holiday, all kinds of workshops, etc. Through the VLUP association, UHasselt personnel receives discount in several shops and companies. You will find an overview on its website.

Hasselt University stimulates its personnel and students to be sportive by organizing all kind of sports events, such as the Campus run and the traditional rowing regatta. Furthermore, UHasselt participates in ‘Sporten tegen Kanker’ (sports against cancer) and every year a UHasselt team participates in the running competition ‘Dwars door Hasselt’. Moreover, UHasselt personnel can make use of the city swimming pool for free.

Hasselt University is concerned about the health of its personnel. By offering the benefits stated below, the university tries to contribute to keep this welfare at its best.

Hospitalisation insurance
UHasselt personnel is in the possibility to take out the collective insurance for education (‘collectieve verzekering gezondheidszorg Onderwijs’). As from 1 January 2018, UHasselt employees are entitled to a full reimbursement of this hospitalisation insurance.

Flu vaccination
Every year UHasselt personnel gets the opportunity to get a free influenza vaccine by the company doctor.

The remuneration of UHasselt employees is carried out according to fixed degrees in each staff category.

Every UHasselt employee is entitled to an end-of-year premium, holiday pay and eco vouchers.

Group insurance
Depending on their career stage, a group insurance is offered to UHasselt personnel.