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A great design begins with an even better story    Sep 16, 2018

A great design begins with an even better story
Sep 16, 2018

From the moment we are born, visuals are our first connection to the outside world. They are more powerful and easier to understand than mere text, unwind a wide arrange of emotions inside of us and create a lasting connection. In other words, we wanted to create an amazing design for inSCIght. Something intelligible and memorable, that mixes the past and future of the world of science at UHasselt. But who would be up to this daunting task?


“A work of art is above all an adventure of the mind” – Eugene Ionesco.

Ever since she was a child, Charlotte was drawn to her pencils and paper. An artistic addiction that inevitably led her to study Visual Arts. The drawings that she made as a child quickly evolved into ones that revolved around a recurrent theme: science.

“Science and art have more in common than you would think. Both are a continuous process of trying and failing, experimenting, taking risks and looking critically at the end result.” But her interest in science really sparked when Dirk Draulans, biologist and journalist, gave a lecture at her high school. “At that moment in time all pieces of the puzzle fell together, I suddenly realized that I wanted to become a science journalist”


“Science does not only fulfill my craving to understand the universe, in which we float around like a mote of dust, it also fills me with joy. It is the largest human collaboration, spanning throughout mankind’s history.” Charlotte really thrived while working on science articles where she could explain difficult subjects in an entertaining and understandable manner. Although her passion for science grew even stronger during her internship at EOS Wetenschap, a Belgian science magazine, she realized that she sometimes lacked in-depth knowledge. To fill this gap she went on to study Biology at the UHasselt.


At UHasselt Charlotte could finally combine her 3 passions: drawing, science and writing. “I was always encouraged to keep drawing by my mentors. For example, during my bachelor thesis I investigated flatworms and mapped their anatomy, down to the smallest details. The professors were always delighted that I turned in my tasks and exams more colorful than most students.

For the inSCIght design Charlotte was inspired by the various research branches of UHasselt. Her drawing process is a combination of following your gut feeling and letting your thoughts flow. “Whenever I draw I just let go and live in the moment, letting my mind drift along with the flow of my pencil. My scientific rationality vanishes, sucked into a black hole of creativity and imagination.” The end result: a visual engaging and appealing design, showcasing UHasselt’s research in a beautiful and comprehensive way. Something that we at inSCIght are very proud of.


So what does the future hold for Charlotte? “I want to keep pursuing my passion. Explaining scientific concepts in an educational yet entertaining way is simply what I love doing most. The fact that I am already able to do this now makes me feel very grateful” In this new academic year Charlotte will start her masters in Behavior- and Evolutionary Biology at the UAntwerpen. After that she might start a PhD or work at a newsroom. Who knows what the future might bring? In any case, we wish charlotte all the best.

You can find more of Charlotte's artwork here.