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inSCIght UHasselt officially launches TrueTuesday    Oct 02, 2018

inSCIght UHasselt officially launches TrueTuesday
Oct 02, 2018


Mevrouw Noemie AUBERT BONN



We are proud to announce our brand new Instagram exclusive initiative together with Ph.D. student Noémie Aubert Bonn called TrueTuesday. So what is it all about? 

There is more than meets the eye

"Truth will always be truth, regardless of lack of understanding, disbelief and ignorance." - W. Clement Stone.

Being a scientist is so much more than just a title. We all share an environment, a culture, and most importantly a community.

Yet despite the fact that scientific findings and knowledge are covered on all possible media, the factors that affect, characterize, and influence this community and its environment are rarely discussed and often even taboo. However, at inSCIght we like to think outside the box and we promised to show you all aspects of science.

Showcasing the true face of science

Therefore we initiated a new thought-provoking initiative with Ph.D. student Noémie Aubert Bonn where we put these important topics back on the table. Have we accidently opened Pandora’s box? Who knows… Welcome to TrueTuesday.

Every six weeks, TrueTuesday will target a specific topic and expose the true face of science. In the subsequent weeks, specific stakeholders will shed light on the chosen subject and share their knowledge and experience by answering only three questions.

WATCH OUT: This will be Instagram exclusive content! So be sure to follow us on Instagram and be the first to finally have an honest glance into the true world of science. Don't worry though because after 6 weeks all posts will be collected into one article on our website.