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UHasselt SEE; Rehabiliation sciences fresh out of the press    Jan 25, 2019

UHasselt SEE; Rehabiliation sciences fresh out of the press
Jan 25, 2019

Meet UHasselt SEE, the School of Expert Education whose credo is that you can keep learning for the rest of your life. Because when you develop a passion for learning, you will never cease to grow. With this series, we want to showcase to you how UHasselt is using its academic expertise to make a difference in our society.     


“Stay curious, keep learning and keep growing” – Jane Fonda. 

UHasselt SEE is all about creating a strong, qualitative, and unique learning environment, with the university’s academic expertise as a foundation. This is achieved through custom-made learning opportunities, like study days and courses filled with both theoretical and practical expertise, that refine the knowledge of the student and professionals in a certain domain. One of these expertise domains is rehabilitation sciences on which we will focus in today’s post.

It was together with prof. dr. Monique van Erum from the faculty of rehabilitation sciences that UHasselt SEE founded REVAL academy in the academic year of 2017-2018. Its goal is to offer additional training within the various expertise domains of the faculty being biomechanics and health psychology, as well as rehabilitation of cardiorespiratory, internal, musculoskeletal, and neurological diseases in children and the elderly.


“As a faculty, we feel the need and moral obligation to share our gained knowledge and expertise with society in a modern and qualitative manner”, prof. dr. Peter Feys, dean of the faculty of rehabilitation sciences, explains. “What makes our courses unique is the fact that they are not only based on brand-new scientific insights from our research group but also on our expertise in education.”

“We combine the research experience from our clusters with the innovations in our education system, like using digital learning platforms and taking a more practical approach with small groups of 50-100 people. This enriches the learning experience and ensures that every course carries a RELAB stamp of approval."

"The success of this formula is clear, as the number of participants grows larger every year. Most people who enroll in the courses of REVAL academy come from a rehabilitation background, like physiotherapists, but in the future, we want to open them up as well to a more interdisciplinary and international audience."   


Learn more about the courses REVAL academy offers here.