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Limburg Clinical Research Program

Limburg Clinical Research Program

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Organization and policy

Policy group LCRP: Prof. dr. Piet Stinissen (chairman, UHasselt), Prof. dr. Jean-Michel Rigo (UHasselt), Prof. dr. Dirk Ramaekers (Jessa), Prof. dr. Jean-Luc Rummens (Jessa), dr. Griet Vander Velpen (ZOL), Prof. dr. Pieter Vandervoort (ZOL) - acting members: ir. Ann Peters (director DOC UHasselt), dr. Helene Piccard (coordinator LCRP)

Coordinators LCRP clusters and platforms: dr. Helene Piccard (coordinator LCRP), dr. Ingrid Arijs (Jessa), dr. Inge Thijs (ZOL), Remco Baggen (RELAB), dr. Valerie Storms (Mobile Health Unit), dr. Kimberly Vanhees (University Biobank Limburg)

University Biobank Limburg - Operational group: Prof. dr. Jean-Luc Rummens, Prof. dr. Joris Penders, Prof. dr. Veerle Somers, dr. Kimberly Vanhees (coordinator)