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Limburg Clinical Research Program

Limburg Clinical Research Program

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Projects led by:

Prof. dr. Cathy De Deyne, Prof. dr. Jo Dens, Prof. dr. Frank Jans, Prof. dr. Pascal Vanelderen

PhD researchers:

dr. Koen Ameloot, dr. Sam Van Boxstael, dr. Ingrid Meex (*), dr. Cornelia Genbrugge (*), dr. Ward Eertmans (*)

(*) PhD has been completed

A selection of the research projects:

  • research into predicting and limiting neurological damage using innovative measuring techniques
  • research into the measurement of critical parameters during resuscitation, both in and outside the hospital, in order to increase the chances of survival of patients

Some key publications:

Cerebral tissue oxygen saturation during therapeutic hypothermia in post-cardiac arrest patients.

Meex I, Dens J, Jans F, Boer W, Vanhengel K, Vundelinckx G, Heylen R, De Deyne C.
Resuscitation. 2013 Jun;84(6):788-93.
IF: 4.167

Increase in cerebral oxygenation during advanced life support in out-of-hospital patients is associated with return of spontaneous circulation.

Genbrugge C, Meex I, Boer W, Jans F, Heylen R, Ferdinande B, Dens J, De Deyne C.
Crit Care. 2015 Mar 24;19:112.
IF: 4.48