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Master of Statistics and Data Science

Master of Statistics and Data Science

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Studying in times of the COVID-19 pandemic

We have developed a resilient and flexible blended learning format that easily allows moving forward and backward between on-campus and on-line formats. Our lecturers have profound experience in on-line teaching, given that we have been running a distance-learning programme for about 10 years.

From now on, our on-campus programme will take a blended form, with on-campus lectures, project work and contact moments when possible, but also with on-line teaching materials and Q&A sessions when on-campus activities cannot proceed or cannot be attended. At any time in the year, each individual student can participate in the preferred formats and can move from one to another, depending on his/her personal situation. We will make sure that all students are in sync. Whether on campus or online, you will follow a single time schedule. You will be supported towards group work and interactions among you, also when these take place electronically.

Wherever students are at whatever time, we will ensure that you will belong to the same active student community and that all students feel involved. Group work and active participation in the learning process are important aspects in the education of statisticians and data scientists!  We from the programme will keep a finger on the pulse, to maximally contribute to your well-being where we can, and to make the learning experience unforgettable!