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Master of Statistics and Data Science

Master of Statistics and Data Science

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Mathematical and Statistical Foreknowledge

Holders of a degree mentioned in the website section on diploma requirements should normally have acquired sufficient foreknowledge to start the Master of Statistics and Data Science. Nevertheless, we highly recommend you to have a look at the summary of topics in mathematics and statistics which are considered as prerequisite knowledge in all or many courses. In this matrix you can see the mathematical and statistical concepts that are important, ranged per course in the Master of Statistics and Data Science. 


Math for Stats E-summer School

The 2020 Math for Stats E-summer School will take place from Mid August 2020 to early September 2020. Deadline for registration: near August 15 2020.

In order to be better prepared for your Master of Statistics and Data Science studies at Hasselt University, we have developed an e-learning module of Mathematics useful for Statisticians (Math for Stats E-summer School ). The e-module takes place over a period of 3 weeks each year in the period August/September. At the end of each week a quiz is made available where you can test your mathematical skills. The self-study material contains the key mathematical concepts, examples, exercises and R-software code. During the e-learning module you have the opportunity to ask questions about the mathematical concepts (via a discussion forum).

The purpose of this module is to refresh and/or enlarge your mathematical and statistical knowledge. The module is fully available online and consists of several self-study documents. In this manner you can study at your own pace. The mathematical topics covered in this e-learning module are very important during your masters study in statistics at our university.

All (future) students that will enroll in the Master of Statistics and Data Science will receive an invitation email to participate in the E-summer School. Students need to be registered on time to be able to participate.