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Master of Statistics

Master of Statistics

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1. Can my company or organisation propose a student research project ?

Yes, this is possible in the context of the master thesis.
Please consult all the required information and documents below along with some recent examples of successful master thesis projects for illustration and inspiration.

  1. Master thesis: a student-company interaction
  2. How to propose a research project
  3. Timing
  4. Type of projects and examples
  5. Confidentiality
  6. Documents
  7. New features 2017-2018
  8. Contact


2. How can my company or organisation inform master students about a job offer ?

All job offers for current students and/or alumni of UHasselt are centralized in a website for alumni.

You can add your vacancy to the list of current job openings for statisticians by sending an email with a description of the vacant position to Mrs. Martine Machiels (martine.machiels@uhasselt.be).