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NEW FEATURES 2017-2018

7. New features 2017-2018

For those of you who have supervised a master thesis before, we kindly ask you to consider the following new procedures and/or deadlines:

  • Please submit your research project before 1 November 2017.
  • The Master Thesis Kick-off takes place on 15 November, 2017 (1pm – 5pm)
  • Please ensure students can access your dataset by 12 February, 2018.
  • The actual project period takes place between 12 February and June 28 2018. In most cases, students will defend their thesis on 28 or 29 June 2018 . See ‘Timing’ for details and deadlines.
  • As supervisor, we will ask you to submit an evaluation form by June 14, 2018 which will be treated as confidential among CenStat staff. A link to the Google evaluation form will be sent to the internal and external supervisors via email.
  • As part of our International Course Programme (ICP), we offer mobility grants to our (ICP) students for a master thesis internship in an eligible VLIR-UOS developing country. Partners from VLIR-UOS countries can propose a thesis topic via the steps below and will receive more information in due time.