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Master of Statistics

Master of Statistics

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3. Timing

The optimal timing for most students is detailed below. However, if the project you would like to submit, requires a different timing, please indicate this on the project proposal form and we will discuss it further with you.

Optimal timing :
•    Collection of thesis topics: from September til November 1 2018
•    Kick-off day: November 27 2018 (1PM - 5PM)
•    Signing of master thesis contract (see below): December 2018 - February 2019
•    Start of the project: February 11 2019
•    Submission of evaluation forms by supervisors: June 13 2019
•    Upload of master thesis report by students: June 14 2019
•    Review period for supervisors and 2nd readers: June 17-26 2019
•    Thesis defences: June 27 & 28 2019.

Please make sure your dataset is available to students by February 12 2019. A delay in data-access for students has a negative effect on the project results, which would be a pity for both students as well as (company) supervisors. If there is a risk that the dataset will not be available, please provide an alternative approach or alternative dataset. In case the external organization needs to transfer personal data to the student, the external organization needs to anonymise these personal data before the transfer.