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Master of Statistics and Data Science

Master of Statistics and Data Science

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In the past 20 years nearly all of the graduates of the Master of Statistics and Data Science have found interesting jobs in the area of statistics in a wide range of sectors and in locations all over the globe.

Examples include sectors and jobs like, e.g.:

  • Applied and fundamental research at universities and research centers in scientific, pharmaceutical, biotechnical and medical disciplines (PhD, research associate, scientist, ...);
  • Governmental authorities and non governmental organizations focusing on public, international and global health, environment, genetics, agriculture, sustainable development, ...;
  • Independent statistics consultant;
  • Education (lecturer, teaching assistant…);
  • Tech Manager programming;
  • Biometrics specialist;
  • Senior Statistical Programmer;
  • Data Analyst/Scientist.

As a service to our future graduates and alumni, we maintain a list of current job openings, brought to our attention by alumni, companies, research institutes, ...



Some comments on the programme by alumni:

  • The program is very practical to the needs and application in the statistics and public health. It is very well delivered at Hasselt University with opportunities to learn from the best professors and sharing experiences with peers (fellow students from diverse cultures). I have found the skills attained more appropriate especially when dealing with research and routine data from poverty related diseases. I have been able to pursue a PhD in public health and played key statistician roles on several multi-country programs and projects in Africa. I have mentored and taught post graduate biostatistics at universities in Uganda (alumnus 2006, now director of a research centre in a university, Uganda');
  • It was an eye opener for me and a vehicle to my academic success (alumnus 2007, now research associate at university, US);
  • Great and very solid training in Statistics (alumnus 2011, now risk expert at a large consulting firm, Belgium);
  • The program is well tailored to equip students with the necessary statistical  and research skills to tackle multi-disciplinary real world research problems (alumnus 2014, now data scientist at Institute of Agriculture, Nigeria);
  • Rewarding ! (alumnus 2007, now senior biostatistician at a large pharmaceuticals company, the Netherlands);
  • It is a great and intense program embroidered with various state-of-the-art courses in applied and biostatistics field (alumnus 2002, now associate professor, Canada);
  • The program is well arranged and covers almost all day to day statistical problems one can face in the real world (alumnus 2008, now biostatistician at a large company, Belgium);
  • A strong foundation for a better future. The VLIR UOS scholarship was very helpful, I wouldn't have been in the level I'm now if I didn't get the scholarship (alumnus 2010, now post-doctoral researcher at university, UK);
  • I received the knowledge and skills which helps to excel in my job and create a significant positive difference with those who did not attend this masters program, This helped me in defining my career path (alumnus 2014, now lead operations analyst at NGO, US);
  • The Master of Statistics programme is very helpful for current job market in Statistics- very practical. The VLIR UOS scholarship will continue to assist brilliant scholars from Africa. Without it, most of us won't be where we are now (alumnus 2008, now lecturer statistics at university, UK);
  • Good mix between theory and application, important courses in the core program and lots of interesting optional courses (alumnus 2013, statistician and lecturer at a university, the Netherlands);
  • The programme was very intensive and practical, making it easy to apply skills without any problems. The VLIR ICP scholarship assisted me achieve lifetime skills which would not have been the case in my home country (alumnus 2011, now statistical consultant at United Nations, US);
  • Very good programme (alumnus 2013, now statistical programmer at a large pharmaceuticals company, BE).