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Master of Statistics

Master of Statistics

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The Master of Statistics is also fully offered as a distance learning (DL) programme. Enrolling for the DL programme means that as a student you will take the programme from a distance, i.e. from home, workplace or virtually any place with access to the internet. The DL programme can be followed full time, but also in part time, allowing for a flexible and feasible combination of work and study.

The distance learning programme is identical to the on campus programme, so contents and learning outcomes within and across courses are identical. However, assignments, projects and group work might be differentiated when required for practical reasons. And all lecturers frequently plan Q&A sessions for their course with the group of DL students.

The on-campus and the distance learning programme are offered in parallel, synchronized as far as practically feasible, and with maximal flexibility. It will be possible to switch between the on-campus and distance learning programme, but only in between semesters.


Assessment and Examination

The distance learning programme is kept as close to the on-campus programme as possible, and that also applies to the examinations. Hence, examinations for all students will be held on campus. Travel and accommodation expenses are to be fully financed by the student himself, without any exception. Some basic practical assistance (essentially contacts of youth hostels and hotels in the neighbourhood) is offered by our administrative offices.

There are in principle two options for taking the exams. One option is to participate in all exam sessions, after each semester (January and June), and if necessary, in the re-examination period (mid August - first week of September). In case this is not feasible, the second option is taking all exams in the August-September period. This latter option however is not recommended, as that exam schedule will be very loaded and moreover, this option does not allow you to retake any exam within one academic year.