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Master of Statistics and Data Science

Master of Statistics and Data Science

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If you are working, part-time or full-time, it is possible to ask for additional support and educational and/or exam facilities which can make it more feasible to combine your job with studying. Students, both on campus and distance learning, who are working are advised to register for a part-time programme to maintain a proper balance between personal life, working and studying.

A good way to estimate how much time you’re going to spend on your studies is by using the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System). ECTS credits give an indication of the study load and 1 ECTS represents a study load of 25 to 30 hours (incl. lectures, self-study, projects, exams, …):

  • 30 ECTS credits programme: study load of 750 to 900 hours
  • 60 ECTS credits programme: study load of 1500 to 1800 hours.


Support and facilities for working students

The support and facilities that can be provided by Hasselt University are listed below, but note that these facilities are not provided automatically, as the Examination Board and the lecturers have to agree whether it’s manageable to provide a certain facility:

  • Individual academic programme in which you follow a limited but feasible amount of courses each year
  • Flexibility regarding deadlines
  • Alternative evaluation by e.g. replacing group projects with individual projects.


Part-time programme

A suggestion for a part-time programme of around 30 ECTS credits to start your first year of the master:

  • Concepts of probability and statistics (5 ECTS, semester 1);
  • Linear models (5 ECTS, semester 1);
  • Software and data management (8 ECTS, semester 1);
  • Generalized linear models (6 ECTS, semester 2);
  • Project: Multivariate and Hierarchical data (8 ECTS, semester 2).

It is possible to individualize your part-time programme taking into account your academic background, but modifications should respect the chronology of courses. Also take into account the prerequisites of the 2nd year courses.

More information can be found on Studying-and-working at UHasselt .