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Moving Forward

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WP1 develops the data integration and knowledge management infrastructure for storing, indexing, accessing, anonymizing, querying and analyzing the massive amounts of data needed by this project. In particular, it aims to create a common platform for mobility-related data that are highly heterogeneous, semantically enriched, and originate from quite different sources.

WP2 deals with the development of a novel data-driven theory of human mobility behaviour, coherent with the logic of real human movement and purposes for travel. Novel laws of human mobility will be created as well as semantically enriched spatial-temporal information and social networking interactions.

WP3 overcomes the gap between smaller but behaviorally richer datasets such as diaries and larger but behaviorally poorer Big data, and develops a novel agent-based modeling standard that is mined from real data. Likewise, fundamental research is done to overcome the behavioral adaptation which travelers are willing to seek once the intertwined effect of electrification of road transport and smart power consumption has become reality.

WP4 sets a novel, better and more detailed standard for evaluation and benchmarking of agent-based models. It overcomes the limitation of single data sources, trying to combine heterogeneous data types and yield reliable model validation methodologies applicable to large-scale domains.

WP5 supports scalable and balanced ad-hoc queries on- and mining of very large data such as social networks composed of billions of nodes and tens of billions of edges. It also deals with the development of realistic and scalable simulations.

WP6 shows that the developed approach enables unprecedented, actionable insights into (i) the management of the electrification of road transport, (ii) the intertwined effect of the mobility and power network, and (iii) the efficient management of smart grids.

WP7 is in charge of the dissemination activities.

WP8 coordinates the project.