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Dr. Ir. Liesbet M. Peeters – project manager 

“My mission as a researcher is to not only do great research myself, but to make sure that great research practices become widely accessible. My dream is that one day scientific data achieves maximal impact and researchers think and communicate without restrictions.”

Liesbet Peeters

Liesbet Peeters is a postdoctoral researcher at BIOMED, Uhasselt in the lab of prof. Niels Hellings. In 2013, she finished her PhD in Bio-Engineering Sciences at the KULeuven entitled “Quantitative and molecular genetic analysis of the sensitivity for insect bite hypersensitivity in Belgian warmblood horses”. In 2008, she finished her master in Bio-Engineering Sciences (KULeuven) with magna-cum-laude. She was laureate for the V.B.I. student price (award for the Best Master proof of all graduating bioscience engineers of KULeuven in the year 2008-2009) as well as the laureate for the K.V.I.V. student price (award for the Best Master proof of all graduating engineers in the Flemische part of Belgium in the year 2008-2009).

She has expertise in molecular genetic- and immunological techniques as well as quantitative genetic analysis. Liesbet is familiar with statistical programs (SAS, Linux, R project, JMP, VCE, MTGSAM, Graphpad, SPSS,…), several data management software (SAS, Acces, Excel, iMed, …) and has experience in Bio-informatics (Peak Scanner, CLC Sequence Viewer and CLC Main bech, MedCalc, …). She has excellent analytical and problem solving skills, combined with written and verbal communications skills.


Dr. Ilse Lamers – implementation manager

I strongly believe we can help people suffering from a neurological disease if we look at the disease with different perspectives and backgrounds. As stated by Helen Keller “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”

                                                                                              Ilse Lamers

Lamers is a postdoctoral researcher at REVAL, UHasselt in the lab of prof. dr. Peter Feys. In 2008, Ilse Lamers obtained a Master degree in Rehabilitation science and Physiotherapy at PHL university college, Hasselt (Belgium). In the following year, she worked in two private practices to develop her skills as a physiotherapist. In January 2009, she combined her work as a physiotherapist with a part-time appointment (60%) as research collaborator in the INTERREG IV-project ‘Rehabilitation Robotics II’ at REVAL – Rehabilitation Research Center (Hasselt University), In October 2010, she was granted a four year PhD trajectory by the special research fund (BOF) of Hasselt University under the supervision of Prof. dr. Peter Feys and Prof. dr. Bart Van Wijmeersch . In 2014, she finished her PhD in Rehabilitation sciences and Physiotherapy at University of Hasselt entitled “Upper limb function in multiple sclerosis: assessment and relationship between the levels of the International Classification of Functioning”. She has expertise in upper limb evaluation and rehabilitation and the use of technology in assessment and rehabilitation. During the past years, she was involved in different international multicenter studies that were related to upper limb function in MS and technology. Ilse is familiar with working with people with MS, paramedical therapists, neurologists and researchers and has good connections with the different partners.


Prof. dr. Bart Van Wijmeersch – coördinator

Bart van Wijmeersch, MD, PhD is a neurologist-immunologist with a subspecialisation in MS. He completed his general medical training in 2001 at the University Of Leuven (KUL), after which he started his specialization in Neurology. During his residency, he started a PhD in neuroimmunology at the lab of experimental transplantation and neuroimmunology at the KUL. Since 2008, he is active as neurologist, specialized in MS at the Rehabilitation & MS center in Overpelt , where he leads a multidisciplinary team for MS and is the Medical Director of the Center. He is an associate professor at the Uhasselt, where he is involved in pre-clinical as well as the clinical research on MS at BIOMED. He has a supporting role in all the immunological research on blood- and CSF samples of persons with MS and in EAR animal models, as well as the rehabilitation research at REVAL. He is a member of Belgian Study Group of MS.