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Symposium Doctoral School for Health & Life Sciences

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Prof. dr. Wim Derave is a professor at the Department of Movement and Sports Sciences in Ghent University, Belgium. His research interests focus on sport/exercise/performance as well as health-related topics. Wim Derave investigates the physiology of beta-alanine and histidine-containing dipeptides (e.g. carnosine), and in particular their use to improve exercise performance and treat metabolic disorders. He also works on athletic talent identification and development, based on muscle fiber typology. Throughout the years, he has developed an enthusiasm for the biological mechanisms driving health benefits of physical activity/exercise.



Dr. Bert Celie is a movement scientist, exercise physiologist and postdoctoral researcher at the University of Ghent. Bert graduated as a Master in Movement Science and Physical education and obtained his PhD in 2015 on the topic of non-invasive screening for peripheral oxygenation dysfunction in healthy and pathological populations under the promotion of Prof. dr. Jan Bourgois. He is currently performing postdoctoral research at the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences about exercise training interventions in patients with chronic diseases (diabetes and chronic kidney disease) in the research team of Prof. dr. Patrick Calders.

→ Presented by Prof. dr. Patrick Calders

Dr. Ines Frederix completed her Bachelor in Medicine at Hasselt University in 2010 and her Master in Medicine at KU Leuven in 2014. She is currently an ASO in Cardiology (MaNaMa Cardiology at Antwerp University, 2014-2022). She completed the certified Safety, Quality, Informatics and Leadership Program at Harvard Medical School (2017). In 2018, Ines successfully completed her joint PhD (Hasselt University & Antwerp University): "Cardiac telerehabilitation: a novel, cost-efficient care delivery strategy in secondary prevention for ischemic heart disease?".

Presented by Martijn Scherrenberg (PhD-Student Hasselt University) 

Ms. Na Zhou is a PhD Student under supervision of Professor Vitale Faoro in Université Libre Bruxelles (Belgium), investigating the effect of bariatric surgery on body composition and exercise capacity in obese individuals. She is a cardiologist, focuses on cardiac rehabilitation and prevention, worked in a university hospital in China and has had three parts subspecialty trainings in Europe. As an EAPC young ambassador from the People's Republic of China, she hopes to promote future regional exchanges and cooperation in cardiac rehabilitation of patients with heart failure, in CVD prevention and risk management and in education.

Ms. Elise Piraux is a physiotherapist and PhD Student at the University catholic of Louvain. Elise graduated in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation from the University catholic of Louvain, Brussels, in 2014. She is currently a PhD Student at the Institut de Recherche Expérimentale et Clinique (University catholic of Louvain) in Brussels. Her research focuses on improvements in exercise medicine in oncology, especially in prehabilitation of surgical cancer patients. Recent research includes two prospective studies assessing the impact of a preoperative exercise program to reduce postoperative complications and enhance surgical recovery in esophageal and colorectal cancer patients as well as a systematic review on the effects of prehabilitation combining endurance and resistance training in cancer patients undergoing tumour resection surgery. 

Speaker summary will follow soon

Prof. dr. Hans Savelberg works at the Department of Nutrition and Movement Sciences, Maastricht University. He performs research with respect to Public Health, Educational Science, Rehabilitation Medicine and Sports Medicine. His research focuses on the relationship between physical (in)activity and health, cognitive performance and on improving student motivation and well-being and curriculum design.