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Annual meeting of the Belgian Society for Stem Cell Research

Annual meeting of the Belgian Society for Stem Cell Research

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Campus Hasselt

Hasselt University
Martelarenlaan 42
3500 Hasselt

Campus Diepenbeek

Hasselt University
Agoralaan – Building D
3590 Diepenbeek

e-mail: info@uhasselt.be
tel:+32 (0) 11 26 81 11
fax: +32(0)11 26 81 99

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Since 1973 Hasselt University is located on the Campus Diepenbeek, which occupies an attractive 150 acre site in the middle of Limburg's green belt. It is 2 kms west of the town centre of Diepenbeek, a residential town of 17717 inhabitants, and 4 kms east of Hasselt which has a population of about 69529 and is the administrative and commercial centre of the province. Brussels is 90 kms away (to the South-West), Antwerp lies 90 kms to the West, Liège (in the French-speaking part of Belgium) 45 kms to the South, Maastricht (in the Netherlands) 25 kms to the East, Aachen (in Germany) 60 kms to the South-East.

The four faculties of Hasselt University and 3 university colleges are located in different campuses in Diepenbeek and Hasselt which currently accommodates about 10000 full-time students. Moreover, several institutes for applied research, an incubator for starting small enterprises, and several small businesses interacting with the research activities of the university are located on campus Diepenbeek.

 How to reach Hasselt University:

  1. How to reach UHasselt by plane
  2. How to reach UHasselt by train 
  3. How to reach UHasselt from Hasselt railway station
  4. How to reach UHasselt by car
  5. Maps

By plane

On arrival to Brussels Airport take a train either directly towards Hasselt or via a stop in Leuven, where you can change trains for Hasselt. For the last train there are 2 possibilities, i.e. one passing by Aarschot, the other passing by Landen. By train

From Brussels: take a train in the direction of Aarschot-Tongeren or Landen-Genk.

From Liège (Guillemins): take the train in the direction of Antwerp. This train runs every hour and arrives in Hasselt after 64 minutes.

From Antwerp Central: take the train in the direction of Liège. This train runs 2 times every hour and arrives in Hasselt after 66 minutes.

More information about timetables of trains in Belgium can be found on the following website:

From Hasselt Railway Station to Campus Hasselt/Diepenbeek

You can take the bus to Campus Hasselt from Hasselt Railway Station (BP - Boulevard Pendel or line 45, 36 or 20A).

You can take the bus to Campus Diepenbeek. From Hasselt Railway Stations buses to Campus Diepenbeek leave every 15 minutes between 6.10 and 20.10 (Line 45 or 36). The ride to Campus takes 15 minutes. 

By car

From Brussels: first take the direction of Liège. Next (near Leuven) take the A 2 in the direction of Aachen. Then (near Lummen) take the E313 in the direction of Liège. Take Exit 28 (Hasselt-Zuid).

From Liège: take the E313 in the direction of Antwerp. Take Exit 28 (Hasselt-Zuid).

From Germany: take the E314 in the direction of Antwerp. Take the first exit to Hasselt.

When leaving the E313 at Exit 28: turn left in the direction of Hasselt and drive for about 100 metres. At the second traffic light, turn right and keep following this road until the fifth traffic light, then turn again to the right (direction Genk). This road is the "Universiteitslaan". Two kilometres down this road you will find University Hasselt on your right hand side. For a global orientation, check the map in the Annexes.  

Parking for visitors:
There is a visitor parking at the side of the main building.
You can push the ring button at the barrier and park your car in front of the main building for a moment. At the reception desk you will recieve a parking coin and a little map which will guide you to the visitors parking.


Click the required map to see a detailed map :

Campus Hasselt


Location car parks

Former prison  - ground level

Former prison - first floor

Campus Diepenbeek

Map Hasselt
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Map Hasselt and
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Detailed map
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