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The Center for Government and Law (Centrum voor Overheid en Recht - CORe) of Hasselt University, welcomes abstracts from PhD researchers for the Fifth ACCA doctoral Conference titled “Citizens’ participation in the legal order”.

The instrument of participation ensures that citizens are involved in the rule making and decision making process through many different mechanisms. These mechanisms do not only occur in the field of public law but are also extensively used in private law. The theme of this Conference is comprehensive and can comprise topics such as (public) participation, (online) consultation, mediation (family, fiscal, criminal...), participation in social or labor relations, public objection procedures... This at all potential levels and in many different fields, such as local, regional, federal, comparative, social, economic, cultural...

The Fifth ACCA Conference will be held on MAY 27th 2016 at Hasselt University. We would hereby like to invite researchers from all Belgian universities to give a presentation on this subject. It should be noted that the presentations can be given in Dutch, French or English. Each speaker will be given 20 minutes for presenting and 10 minutes for questions and discussion.

Senior and junior researchers are invited to discuss and present their papers. Please submit your proposal for a contribution to the ACCA conference (maximum 500 words) at the latest by APRIL 1st 2016 to ulrike.cerulus@uhasselt.be and niels.appermont@uhasselt.be. Candidates will be notified by April 13th 2016 whether their proposal has been accepted.