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Doctoral Schools

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Below is an overview of the doctoral school activities organized specifically for postdoctoral researchers in academic year 2015-2016. Please note that some of the activities organized for PhD students are also open to postdocs.

As soon as all necessary information is available, you can click the title in order to get more details about content, target group and practical arrangements. All activities are in English, unless explicitly mentioned otherwise.

Academic leadership - Module I 19 & 20 April closed
Academic leadership - Module II 6 & 7 September closed
Coaching to grow others 7 & 8 Dec closed
7 vices: Office politics for women 19 Jan & 2 Febr closed


There is also a mentoring trajectory for postdocs, meant to support young academics in their career planning.

Mentoring is a one to one interaction between an experienced academic (mentor) and a less experienced one (mentee). It is a nonhierarchical relationship. Mentor and mentee are meeting each other on a regular basis and exchange experiences. Mentoring = intensive role-model learning.
Advantages for the mentee are: career progression, job satisfaction, increased self-esteem, personal development, and a broader network.

The duration of the mentoring project is one year. Selection of mentees and matching of mentees and mentors is done by a steering committee. New mentees can probably start medio 2016. More information: Bie Nielandt.