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Patient Safety

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Patient Safety

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Patient Safety Culture

Annemie Vlayen

Continuity of Care as part of patient safety and Quality of Care; Measures in a developmental setting (R-6622)

Deborah Stijnberg

Bridging the chasm between health data and health information in resource-limited settings utilizing maximal and optimal use of existing data as a strategy for health information systems strengthening

Aisha Andrewin

SafePAT - Developing excellence in patient safety in cross-border regions through standardised procedures, policies and innovative tools (R-9358)

Jochen Bergs

Patient safety in postpartum care: visualising the patient journey

Dorien Ulenaers

SHaRe: Safe Handoffs and health Records for hospitalized patient

Joep Grosemans

Agreement on the financing of the support activities under the federal multi years program "coordination of quality and patient safety"  (R-5363)

Annemie Vlayen


Afgewerkte projecten


Quality, safety and health economic aspects of community-based primary care (2017)

Melissa Desmedt

Assessment of cancer patients' quality of life and psychosocial care needs. A plea for integrated and patient-centered care

Bojoura Schouten

Unplanned transfers to a higher level of care

Kristel Marquet

Patient safety and safety culture in Belgian hospitals (2013)

Annemie Vlayen

Evaluating a lean healthcare transition in a radiotherapy clinic

Pascal Simons

Patient safety in hospitals: implementation of the surgical safety checklist

Jochen Bergs