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Are you professionally active as a dancer, musician, actor or performing artist of any kind, and do you wish to combine this with your studies?

Maybe the status of student artist is something for you!
This status allows you to apply for extra support and coaching in your studies and extra facilities during teaching and evaluations where necessary. In this way you can optimally combine your studies with your career as a performing artist.

So do not hesitate to apply as a professional artist.
In a personal meeting with the study coach, you can indicate the difficulties you are experiencing or expect to experience in combining your studies with performing as an artist, and we can see what we can do for you.

What can we do for you?

Of course you can participate in the existing range of (coaching) facilities of Hasselt University.

In addition, as a student artist you can also make use of:

  • adapted (individual) study coaching (e.g. in terms of study planning)
  • adapted (individual) study career coaching, for example the definition of an adapted study pathway, taking account of both your studies and your career as a performing artist (e.g. spreading out the study programme over multiple years)
  • teaching facilities (depending on your needs, e.g. in the selection of tutorial group, absence during contact hours, etc.)
  • facilities during evaluations (depending on your needs, e.g. extending deadlines for assignments / papers / projects, replacing group work with individual assignments, etc.)


Who is eligible?

You are eligible for the status of student artist if you can prove that you spend a lot of time on artistic or cultural activities on a professional level, either as a student, or as a contracted employee or as an independently working artist. In principle, all forms of art are eligible.

What do you want to do ?
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How can you apply?

It is up to you to take the first step: make yourself known, gather the required documents / certificates and submit your file via your student file.

You can do this at any moment during the academic year (or before the academic year has started) and during your entire study career.

An application for extra facilities during an exam has to be submitted no later than 15 working days prior to the relevant examination period. Contact the study coach in good time.

Below you will find a step-by-step guide on how to obtain the status of student artist:

As soon as you are enrolled at UHasselt, you can start your application to be recognized at UHasselt as a 'student in special circumstances'. Via your student file - Special circumstances you submit your application together with the necessary certificates (see tab 'Certificates' for more information). 

During a meeting with the study coach an evaluation is made of which difficulties you are experiencing or expect to experience from combining your artistic activity with your education, as well as what type of coaching and facilities can help you in this.

The application and the proposal for facilities are submitted to the Examination Board of the relevant programme. The Examination Board determines whether the requested facilities are possible within the programme (taking into account the learning outcomes, subject related or practical feasibility and other factors) and decides on whether or not to grant these facilities.
The study coach informs you what facilities have been granted by email and adds these to your electronic student file.
Copies of the documents and certificates, required for the granting of this status, are retained by the study coach. The data is treated with the necessary respect for the privacy of the student.

As a student artist, you need to renew your application annually. 

The study career coach follows up on the practical organisation of the facilities (e.g. absence during a compulsory contact moment). In order to practically organise certain facilities (e.g. relocating an exam) you need to contact the study career coach (in good time).

What do you want to do ?
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What do you want to do ?
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Documents / certificates

In order to be eligible for the student artist status, you need to submit a file which proves that you are engaged at a professional level and that you spend a lot of time performing as an artist (cf. criteria for working students and for students who are top level sportspeople):

  • If you have an independent activity as an artist or if you are contracted as an employee to work for at least 72 hours a month, you simply need to provide proof of employment (whether contracted as an employee or on an independent, self-employed basis) (cf. working students).
  • If this is not the case, it is necessary to provide, in as much detail as possible, an overview of rehearsals, participation in competitions / exhibitions, your portfolio, etc.

Any questions? Get in touch!

Do you have questions regarding the status of student artist or are you in doubt as to whether you are eligible?
Do not hesitate to contact the study coach.

Do you have questions about how to strike a balance, in your study pathway between working as a performing artist and studying?
Contact the study career coach.