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International students

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Hasselt University is committed to an inclusive education system, which means that the education it provides is designed and organised for maximum accessibility to all students. Discrimination and separate treatment of disadvantaged groups are avoided as far as possible. All students are entitled to equal educational opportunities. This is in any case required by law in a number of decrees and conventions.

Reasonable facilities
However, reasonable facilities for teaching and evaluations in certain situations are still necessary. Students with a functional impairment or learning disability experience barriers that prevent them from participating in teaching and evaluations fully and on an equal footing with other students. The purpose of reasonable facilities is to neutralise the restrictive influence of an ill-adapted environment and counteract the constraints experienced by the student because of his or her exceptional circumstances.

‘Reasonable adaptations’ are defined in the UN Convention as ‘necessary and appropriate modification and adjustments not imposing a disproportionate or excessive or undue burden, if they are required in a particular case to ensure that persons with disabilities can enjoy all human rights and fundamental freedoms on an equal basis with others’.

Hasselt University and reasonable facilities
Hasselt University chooses to design and adapt reasonable facilities to suit the individual student, without thereby jeopardising the learning outcomes of a programme or programme component.

For whom?
As well as students with a functional impairment or learning disability, top-level sportspeople, working students and practising artists may also experience certain barriers to participation in education as a result of the specific situation in which they find themselves.

To ensure the equal treatment of students in special circumstances in the different faculties, Hasselt University has established a set of minimum facilities for certain groups of students in special circumstances. Any student who goes through the registration process properly and is able to provide sufficient attestation of his/her special circumstances can certainly rely on those minimum facilities.

In addition to the minimum facilities, students in special circumstances can also request supplementary extra facilities. Extra facilities tailored to the student are compiled and itemised in consultation with the study (career) coach, and then submitted to the relevant Examination Board’s Office (BEC). The Office decides whether or not to grant the extra facilities.

Requested facilities can only be refused if it can be shown that they impose a disproportionate, excessive or unnecessary burden on the institution or if other measures are an adequate substitute for them.
The reasonableness of a facility is assessed by the Examination Board’s Office. If problems and/or disputes arise in connection with the facilities granted, the appeal procedures as set out in the Education, Examination and Legal Position Regulations of Hasselt University are followed.