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RCEF transfers the builded up academic knowledge into practical usable material through participation in projects. Currently we are participating in the following projects:

VLAIO project in collaboration with KPMG

Together with KPMG, RCEF is working on a research project, commissioned by VLAIO. In this partnerships, we work on the analysis of the ecosystem of startups and scale-ups as well as incubators and accelerators in Flanders. Main focus is the collaborations and synergies, created within this ecosytem. We look at the ad-hoc situation in order to provide VLAIO with important insights from the ecosytem with regard to future changes that can further improve the functioning of this crucial ecosytem in Flanders. 

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SBO Strategic Change in Family Firms

The Research Center for Entrepreneurship and Family Firms at Hasselt University and the Department of Accounting and Finance at the University of Antwerp joined forces on a multidisciplinary research project "Strategic Change in Family Firms: Antecedents and Consequences of Strategic Change from a change readiness perspective ", funded by the FWO (4 years). 
In order to survive and prosper, family businesses, the dominant organizational form in Flanders, are confronted with increasing pressure to adapt to fast changing environments. However, many family businesses often appear to be strategically inert and conservative. An open question for academics and policy makers is under which conditions family businesses can overcome inertial forces and realize successful strategic changes. This project aims to realize four central scientific objectives, which result from four major gaps in the literature.



Academic chair with BDO Belgium

On the 16th of November 2017 the academic chair on "Governance of Internationalization in Family Businesses" has been launched. This is a collaboration between BDO Belgium and RCEF, with Prof. Voordeckers as chair holder. Hans Wilmots, the CEO of BDO Belgium, has also started his PhD on the same topic. 



EFRO Project - Pitch Please

This EFRO project is a collaboration between city Hasselt, PXL and Hasselt University. The objective of this project is to create a sustainable ecosystem that stimulates entrepreneurship and an entrepreneurial spirit by the youth. This should happen in an easy accessible way in order to create an entrepreneurial mindset in Limburg.

RCEF takes care of the work package on an entrepreneurial mindset by lecturers and youth workers.