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Reform FWO mandates and projects    Oct 26, 2017

Reform FWO mandates and projects
Oct 26, 2017

The Board of Trustees  of the FWO approved the outlines of the reforms of the different support programmes for fellowships and fundamental projects. More information about the programme changes can be found below.

In October 2016, FWO has started with the reform process of the PhD Fellowship, SB Grant, Research Grant and Research Projects programmes. The starting point for this reform was to deal with the increasing application pressure and low success rates, the potential conflicts of interest among panel members and the unequal competition between applicants. The main goal for this reform process is to develop an appropriate system for the evaluation of applicants and their projects and to provide more bench fees for postdoctoral researchers. The research community was actively involved in the reform process via stakeholders meetings and targeted sessions with representatives of “Researchers for a Stronger FWO" and the (Young) Academy.

Reformation outlines
Recently the outlines of the reforms of the programmes for fellowships and fundamental projects of the FWO have been approved. More info on the reform process can be found on the FWO website. The major changes of each programme are summarized in this presentation of FWO.

To ensure a smooth transition and allow everyone to timely adapt to the new situation, the FWO  plans a number of transitional measures as indicated on the website.  During the coming months, the reforms will be rolled out in modified regulations and procedures which are applicable in the calls launched in autumn 2018. 

Through this newsletter the Research Coordination Office (DOC) will keep you up to date and as soon as all adaptions are approved by FWO,  info sessions at Hasselt University will follow. In the meanwhile you can contact the Research Coordination Office (research@uhasselt.be) for all your questions related to this reform process.