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The Centre for Research and Development Monitoring (ECOOM) of the Flemish Community is an interuniversity consortium of all Flemish universities. ECOOM develops research and development (R&D) and innovation indicators for the Flemish government. The system of indicators provides the basis for funding models and research reporting.

Each of the five different partners in the consortium has itw own research assignment within ECOOM. Since 2014, Hasselt University has also coordinated a research package on classification management.

Classification management
ECOOM-Hasselt Universityis responsible for the management of classification lists on research output, in particular publications, scientific disciplines, funding lists and technology domains, in Flandes. ECOOM-Hasselt University takes care of the management of the semantics used in each of these lists, in consultation with the various stakeholders and taking account of Belgian and international trends. The focus is both on unambiguously defining the meaning of the different classifications and on updating and expanding the existing classifications. This improves the quality of  classifications and, by establishing correlation tables, makes an important contribution to the administrative simplification in research reporting.

Vlaamse onderzoeksdiscipline Standaard
Rapport Vereenvoudiging van Onderzoeksverslaggeving (Report Simplification of Research Reporting).

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Take a look at the ECOOM website.
UHasselt contact person: dr. Sadia Vancauwenbergh