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The Research Coordination Office provides information and support to Hasselt University's researchers. Researchers need to be aware of trends in research policy and of internal, Flemish, federal and international research funding for which they may be eligible. If a researcher wishes to play a part in shaping research policy or submit a funding application, he/she can count on the support of the Research Coordination Office.

Generally speaking, the Research Coordination Office has a preparatory, supporting and executive role with regard to Hasselt University's internal research and doctoral policy. In addition, it helps shape research policy and external funding programmes at different levels. The Research Coordination Office also represents the research policy and research competencies of Hasselt University externally.

Finally, the Research Coordination Office calibrates the research policy of Hasselt University - and the resulting research activities - against external research policies. Accordingly, it acts as a coordinating and supporting office with regard to the development and implementation of the necessary structures, databases, guidelines and regulations.