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The Research Coordination Office of Hasselt University has a prepatory, supporting and executive role with regard to Hasselt Universiy's internal research and doctoral policy.

Policy support
The Research Coordination Office is in charge of supporting, preparing and implementing the research policy of Hasselt University. It calibrates the research policy of Hasselt University - and the resulting research activites - against external research policies and is responsible for informing interested researchers about external and internal research policy. The Research Coordination Office also undertakes the Research Council's administrative work.

Informing and advising
The Research Coordination Office provides information, advice and support in the following areas:

  • research funding and development within various funding bodies;
  • international research cooperation;
  • preparing a PhD;
  • administrative management of research contracts;
  • developing and implementing policy on research.

Monitoring and managing
The Research Coordination Office is responsible for monitoring and managing:

  • the Special Research Fund (BOF) and other research budgets available to the Research Council;
  • the collection of substantive data and data in support of the research policy;
  • the continuous updating of the research databases;
  • the proactove provision of research information to internal researchers;
  • the representation of Hasselt University in various research-related bodies (such als VRWI, FWO, IWT, VLIR).