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The scholarship program for "Special Visiting Researcher" aims to attract foreign researchers recognized internationally as leadership in priority areas of Science Without Borders program, to conduct projects with Brazilian research groups and visit Brazil for up to three months each year over two to three years.

The fellowship includes:
• R$ 14,000.00 (approx. € 5600) per month for living expenses;
• Research grants in the amount of R$ 50,000.00 (approx. 20.000) per year;
• Airline tickets;
• Accommodation aid amounting R$ 7.000,00 (approx. € 2800).

Additional scholarships can be obtained: post-doctoral scholarships in Brazil for the maintenance of the research during the absence of the visiting researcher and PhD scholarships (sandwich) abroad to Brazilian researchers to follow the visiting researcher in his country. These scholarships should be provided in the research project and requested on the application form.

The proposal to receive a Special Visiting Researcher must only be submitted by the host researcher in Brazil, exclusively by internet, through the Online Application Form available here

Information in English is available on the following web page: