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Event: Conformal Coating (SBO-project SoS-Lion)


10 feb 2017 13.30 uur - 18.00 uur

Imec, Kapeldreef 75, B-3001 Heverlee

Are you into
Gasification, heterogeneous catalysis, drug delivery regulating tissue, injection mould coating, powder coating, flexible sensors, fuel cells, electrolysis, biomedical implants, (meso)porous membranes, adsorption, electrodes, microfluidics, scaffolds, catalysts, microelectronics, 3D printing, filtration, batteries, fibrous materials,
or in any other business where thin films on porous or challenging high aspect ratio structures are of key importance?
Then you absolutely should attend this event!

Friday , February 10th - 13.30 - 18.00
Imec, Kapeldreef 75, B-3001 Heverlee

We’ll share our tips and tricks on how to reach conformality for various thin film deposition technologies, both in vacuum and at atmospheric conditions. We’ll shed light on the parameters that govern the deposition speed, the accessible degree of conformality; on the solvents, carrier gases, additives to use; and so on ...
You’ll take home a toolbox to develop your own conformal deposition processes, with our help if needed.

The technologies we’ll cover are:

  • Atomic & Molecular Layer Deposition (ALD & MLD); ALD is the champion in conformal deposition of very thin (nm-range) layers, whereby a thin film is deposited (atomic) layer by layer. MLD is a rather recent ALD flavour in which the thin film is built up with larger molecular fragments.
  • ElectroChemical Deposition (ECD) in aqueous solutions exploits self-limiting reactions to reach conformality
  • Chemical Solution Deposition (CSD) is driven to its extreme performance by spraying mist and substrate heating

Grab the occasion to discuss with experts from KU Leuven, UHasselt, UGent and imec, and with like-minded colleagues on the 10th of February.


Each presentation will start with an introduction to the deposition technology and will then dive into the depths of how to reach conformality

13:30 Registration & welcome coffee
14:00 Introduction to conformal thin film deposition
14:15 Chemical solution deposition onto high aspect ratio 3D structures: engineering precursors and ultrasonic spraycoating.
An Hardy, UHasselt - Institute for Materials Research and imec division imomec

15:05  Break

15:20 ElectroChemical Deposition, self-limiting reactions for conformality
Philippe Vereecken, imec

16:10 Break

16:25Atomic & Molecular Layer Deposition 2 flavours of a sequential CVD process
Christophe Detavernier, Universiteit Gent

17:15 Networking drink


Free but required. Please register by mail to Franciska.Vanheusden@imec.be


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