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Association University– University colleges Limburg (AUHL)
Tech Transfer is working both for Hasselt University and the Limburg University Colleges XIOS, PHL and KHLim. The university colleges focus mainly on applied research, while the university carries out both fundamental and applied research. Together they employ about 500 researchers.

Spin-offs and LRM (The Investment Company for Limburg)
Tech Transfer has an important assignment concerning the creation and the support of spin-offs. In 2007, a formal cooperation charter was signed with the LRM, which provides among other things risk capital. If starting spin-offs need co-financing, they can make an appeal to the UHasselt Spin-off Fund or to the AUHL Industrial Research Fund.

Cooperation with the Innovation Centre Limburg
The cooperation agreement between Tech Transfer and the Innovation Centre Limburg was made to strengthen the bond with the business world. After all, innovation advisers help the companies with the realisation of their innovation projects and based on this assignment, they regularly discover opportunities to call in the expertise of knowledge institutions.

Partnerships with Flemish knowledge platforms
In the past years, strategic alliances have been closed between several UHasselt research institutes with the following knowledge institutions in Flanders. These agreements stipulate among other things that the experts from these centres are called in for the valorisation of research.