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On february 27, 2009, the Hasselt University and LRM launched Cleantechplatform.be together with other innovation partners. More information on the mission, goals and partners of this platform can be found on their website: http://www.cleantechplatform.be

Cleantechplatform.be is the place where all parties work together on the central theme Cleantech in order to

  • develop economic activities
  • valorise all knowledge and stimulate the development of knowledge
  • initiate projects

Cleantechplatform.be is an expanded network with all important cleantech parties: companies, knowledge centers, investors and government.

Cleantechplatform.be stimulates creative and innovative cooperation.

Cleantechplatform.be promotes cleantech knowledge transfer and match.

Cleantechplatform.be combines cleantech expertise based on concrete market needs.

Cleantechplatform.be helps companies, governments and knowledge centers to distribute and promote existing and new knowledge.