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International students

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Non-EEA-students are invited to pay within 1 month after receipt of the payment request. 
Candidates from abroad are invited to pay the tuition fee and health insurance (if applicable – only for non-EEA candidates) by separate email messages. Using the structured codes sent in the email messages is compulsory. Payment of tuition fee and health insurance cannot be processed and linked to the correct candidate if structured codes are not used by transferring the requested amounts.
Registration of international student is only possible after payment of the tuition fee, augmented with the premium for health insurance (only for non- EEA-students). Payment in cash or by credit card is not possible. As long as a student has not paid all outstanding registration fees the registration is suspended.

Student card, the admission to the student’s electronic account and e-mail and electronic learning environment becomes available when the registration fees are received in the Hasselt University account.

In the course of January a recalculation is carried out on the basis of the actual study points.

A student can only participate in exams if he or she has paid all outstanding registration fees. If this condition is not fulfilled, then registration is suspended. Any results that may already have been obtained are considered to be non-existent and the student receives no credit attestations for the concerned course unit(s).

  • the payment must be made by international bank transfer by the students bank in his/her home country;
  • the transfer is payable to Hasselt University with the following reference: tuition fee – Name of the programme - Name of the student
  • account number: IBAN: BE77001018707942 – sorting code BIC:GEBA BEBB – FORTIS BANK – Ridder Portmanstraat 1 BE-3500 Hasselt
  • no banking costs must be charged to Hasselt University: in other words Hasselt University should receive the full amount of tuition fee (and health insurance)
  • include a proof of payment in your application file to facilitate the identification of the transfer