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Zwangerschapsvergiftiging - LimPrOn

Zwangerschapsvergiftiging - LimPrOn

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13 jan 2017 09.00 uur - 17.30 uur

Buzzi Children's Hospital Via Castelvetro, 32 Milan (Italy)

Maternal Cardiovascular System: The key to prevention, prediction, diagnosis and therapy of Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy

Maternal fetal medicine as a discipline has achieved in the very last few years proof of principles of the key role of the maternal cardiovascular system both in the normal evolution of pregnancy and the abnormal development of hypertensive disorders. Important areas of knowledge are still beyond our grasp, yet this new look at hypertensive diseases of pregnancy could allow us all to move beyond the present standstill in prevention and therapy. Lectures and discussions will focus on maternal cardiovascular physiology, structured evidences of new diagnostic tools, possible new therapies.

This new vision will be delivered and discussed with the audience by European experts.

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