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Zwangerschapsvergiftiging - LimPrOn

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fTales Workshop mHealth


27 apr 2017 - 28 apr 2017

Universiteit Hasselt

campus Diepenbeek

Agoralaan Gebouw A

3590 Diepenbeek

Lokaal Auditorium H6

Mobile Health (mHealth) presents itself as an emerging and developing field with the potential to transform the way current healthcare systems are managed. It will contribute towards increasing the systems’ quality and efficiency.

With an expanding number of European citizens using smartphones and 3G/4G networks, the use of mHealth solutions has considerably increased and mHealth solutions appear as a solid basis for patients’ empowerment, allowing them to manage their health more actively without leaving their own home environment.

New developments in wearable technology (smart watches, patches, textile) and smart portable devices will allow for collecting big amounts of data on health &  life style. Those data allow medical professional to better prevent, diagnose and treat their patients. Smart algorithms are necessary to handle all patient information to provide decision support to medical professionals and patients.

During 2 days of workshops we dive into the latest mHealth developments and applications.

On day 1 you get hands-on experience with innovative mHealth technology and the application of smart algorithms. This workshop will be hosted at the Makerspace. In the afternoon researchers, medical doctors, nurses, patients and physiotherapists will demonstrate mHealth applications ranging from prototypes to applications already used in clinical practice. 
On day 2 we explore the legal, ethical and financial challenges that mHealth services in the EU are currently facing and in the afternoon we guide you into mHealth entrepreneurship with testimonials from start-up companies.

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