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A new year marks a fresh start. And for UHasselt in 2017, that means a new logo, look and feel and a new story!

Why the new story, you ask? Because our future is changing before our very eyes. That presents us with enormous challenges, but offers opportunities too. Because a world that’s turning ever faster makes us smarter and better.

At UHasselt our gaze is not fixed on the past. We go about things differently here. We stand with both feet firmly in an ever-changing world. A world that needs a changing university, a university deeply rooted in the present.

At UHasselt we embrace innovation. We encourage young people to explore and develop all their talents. We challenge them to look beyond books and classrooms. We arm them with knowledge and skills. In our research, we focus on the major issues with which our region and the world are grappling.

Innovation is our foremost tradition!

New logo, new house style

A new story also means a new corporate logo and a new house style, of course.

The new logo shows what UHasselt truly is: contemporary, bold and full of self-confidence. It allows us to convey our unique educational model even better and with even greater pride. That pride is reflected in the use of capital letters, for instance. But the form attracts immediate notice too – emphasizing that UHasselt is not like other universities. Furthermore, the new logo will work better online. In the high-tech, digital age in which our future students – digital natives! – are growing up, this is crucial.

Our new house style works with fresh colours. Colours that are both surprising and versatile.

From old to new!

Over the next few months the old logo will gradually disappear. One by one, our buildings, flags, printed documents… will all be provided with the new logo. A huge operation that cannot be accomplished all at once, but will take place in several phases.