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From the perspective of science sharing, Hasselt University is active in University Development Cooperation (UDC). Students and teachers have the possibility of gaining mobility experience in the South in the context of internships, attending courses, performing thesis or other research or performing course assignments. Additionally, under UDC, students and teachers are attracted from the South to study, get a PhD or teach at Hasselt University. Students can apply the knowledge they gain at Hasselt University in their home country, and teachers from the South can share and further deepen their knowledge. The further development of international curricula which are relevant for the South remains a challenge. But collaboration with the South is not limited to mobility alone. Capacity building in the South and research collaboration involving specific themes are at least as important. This way, Hasselt University expertise in education and research is applied globally. For its UDC projects, Hasselt University closely collaborates with VLIR-UOS (Flemish Interuniversity Council - University Development Cooperation), a platform which supports partnerships between higher education institutions in Flanders and in the South which look for innovative answers to global and local challenges.

In 2010, VLIR-UOS decided to cooperate with 18 priority countries. A country strategy was made for each country, identifying priority themes, partners and instruments. These country strategies serve as a roadmap for future cooperation. For scholarships, there is a longer list of partner countries.

Within the VLIR-UOS programmes, there is a distinction between regular programmes and scholarship programmes.

  • Education programmes:
    • International course programmes (ICP)
    • International training programmes (ITP)
    • Short course initiatives (SCI)
    • Programme course fees (PCF)
  • Research programmes:
  • Scholarship programmes
  • Sensitisation Initiatives (SI): Elective course North-South (1955); World Evening; Sustainable Development Goals, Fair Trade activities, etc.

Based on its internationalisation policy, Hasselt University has been participating in numerous UDC projects since years, and provides administrative and financial support via its Internationalisation and Development Cooperation Office to promoters, coordinators and project partners. This is done via the ICOS's (Institutional Development Cooperation Coordinators), who act as links between Hasselt University and the VLIR-UOS. Hasselt University's ICOS's are responsible for such things as publishing calls for projects, their follow-up, quality control and support to project staff.

Contact persons (ICOS) at Hasselt University:

Sofie Ignoul (ICP, ITP, KOI, INCO, Acropolis, REI, VLADOC, scholarship programmes)

Stéphanie Frère (TEAM, ZI, IUS, Network, NZZ, Cross-cutting)

More information about VLIR-UOS:

Communication manual: How do you get the news out?