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Students and professionals from the 54 VLIR-UOS scholarships countries can apply for a scholarship to attend an ICP. The scholarships are intended for people from the South who hold a responsible position in society.

For inquiries about the Master of Biostatistics ICP (scholarship applications, practical arrangements, etc.), please consult the programme website or contact Mrs Martine Machiels.

Every year, VLIR-UOS offers some ten scholarships in connection with the ICP PhD (International Course Programme PhD). This programme provides doctoral scholarships for people from the South who have completed a master's degree (ICP) recognised by VLIR-UOS.

The PhD should focus on a theme relevant to development. The research takes place both in the student's home country and in Flanders.

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With the international training programme, VLIR-UOS aims to give young scientists and professionals from developing countries the opportunity to attend a programme in Flanders in an international environment. The programme focuses on the exchange of knowledge and skills, and their application in the home country of the participants, in order to contribute to the development of their own society. VLIR-UOS finances scholarships for participants from the South.

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Short Course Initiatives (KOI) are practical English-language programmes lasting one or two weeks on a theme relevant to development at a Flemish university of university college. VLIR-UOS finances scholarships for participants from the South.

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BTC is the Belgian development agency, which makes its resources and expertise available in order to eradicate poverty in the world. BTC supports and supervises development programmes and provides study and training scholarships every year. Training, knowledge transfer and teaching skills are essential activities to enable the partner countries to take charge their own development and fight poverty. Study and training scholarships for nationals of the partner countries are therefore an essential component of Belgian development cooperation work.

Study scholarships are awarded to finance third-cycle university programmes and to establish mixed doctorates, among other purposes. Training scholarships, involving a stay in Belgium averaging one to six months, are usually awarded to experts who are active in development projects.

The training areas include medical and pharmaceutical sciences (14%), economics (15%), sciences and applied sciences (18%), infrastructure (14%), and educational and psychosocial sciences (12%).

SRS scholarships are available for students originating from one of the 54 VLIR-UOS partner countries in Africa, Asia or Latin-America. The purpose of an SRS is to write a scientific article, project proposal or PhD defence. The maximum duration of a stay is 90 days.

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