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For some years now, Hasselt University has organised a number of awareness initiatives which involve speakers, experts, organisations and NGOs from the North and South being invited to highlight contemporary development issues. 

Elective course Globalisation & Sustainable Development

One of these awareness-raising initiatives is the interdisciplinary elective course Globalisation & Sustainable Development (1955), in which speakers from the North and the South are invited to take an indepth look at certain development issues. This optional course is part of the Global Minds Programma in which several sensitisation events provide an opportunity for critical thinking about development cooperation. Also, there is a strong focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Both the lectures/debates and the actions are open to all students and anyone who is interested.

More information about the elective course, its content, dates and registration can be found here.

Refugee crisis: UHasselt in action!

As a civic university, UHasselt also takes responsibility in the refugee crisis. More information on our actions can be found on our web page .


World Evening

At the request of African students who experienced difficulties in meeting and getting to know other students, we organised the first World Evening in 2005. This was an evening of friendship and the initiative was so successful that the Africa Night grew into an annual World Evening. During this night, foreign students get the chance to present their culture through workshops, food stands, music and dance.

This academic year (2017 - 2018), the World Evening will be organised on Wednesday 14 March 2018 in Diepenbeek. More information can be found here.


Week of Fair Trade 

Every year, UHasselt takes part in the Week of Fair Trade in October. We organize several activities for students and staff to sensitize about the importance of Fair Trade. Find out about the activities of this year on our webpage!




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